Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Exemeus


     Welcome to our site about the Exemeus.  Currently, The Exemeus is a quasi finished manuscript on my computer. In my heart it's an international best seller that has been converted into a movie and maybe a theme park that emcompasses it's own island (the last part is a little over the top, but you get the picture). So as a famous writer, at least in my mind, I have started this wonderful blog for all things Exemeus.

      I would love to lend credence to my book by saying it came to me in a dream or hit me on a train ride, but it didn't. I was sitting across from Alessandra Burch, the head of Enterprise Rent a Cars HR department, reviewing my uneventful Enterprise career. And the thought just occurred to me that an exit interview would be great for life. So this book is the result of that interview, but it has grown in to so much more.

 Today is day 850 of my writing journey.  The path here has been a rocky one. Writing is easy, when you love it. Getting published is not. So this blog is going to be everything from writing tips, the steps to being published, and where the Exemeus is on its journey to super stardom. I hope that you feel comfortable posting your questions, concerns, and journeying with me.

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