Everytime I post a little more of the Sequel to the Exemeus, I will add it here so it can all be read together.

These are the three chapters that I have so far. I will probably release a little bit every month. Remember no editing has been done as yet, so the writing of a threeyear old might be better.

            Chapter 1
Dephon wove his way through the crowded streets, his fear propelling him forward. Out of place in this new time, Dephon wasn’t sure of much, but he was sure of one thing.
He was being followed.
In the sewers of Trepton, the first thing you learned was how to tell when you weren’t alone.  There were no second chances in Dephon’s homeland, but at least there, he knew who his enemies were. Here he had no idea. And that was much worst. He stopped and hid behind a building at the corner of Kezar Drive, peering cautiously down the street in the hopes of catching his stalker unaware. The streets were brimming with so many people that he couldn’t see anything. Or rather he saw too much. A dark-haired man to the left of him looked suspicious, and a masculine-looking woman was staring at him a little too intently for comfort.  Was she evil, or was she just staring because Dephon just looked crazy, peaking at people around the side of buildings?
Dephon tried to clear his head, but everyone was starting to look suspicious. He could have sworn that he saw the girl in the flowery white and pink dress with long, swinging black hair three streets ago.  And there was a man in a blue suit pushing a stroller who looked familiar, too. Dephon wasn’t sure who was following him, but he was smart enough to never doubt his instincts.

Lightning rippled through the gradually darkening sky. Hesitantly he took his eyes off the street and looked up at the clouds.  Droplets of water began to fall from the sky, pounding the concrete.  Pedestrians scattered liked roaches. This was just the distraction Dephon needed. He sprinted down Kezar street; casting furtive glances over his shoulder. He rounded the corner quickly onto the street that he recognized so well from The Exemeus- his mother’s street.
When he reached the corner he saw two figures dashing through the rain. One with long dark-brown hair and the other’s was blonde with tattered ends sticking out of her ponytail. Dephon stood, frozen. He had gotten accustomed to seeing the 3D image of his mother from the book, but now here she was, in the flesh. He tried to shake off his feelings of awe, of shock, but they weren’t going anywhere. His mother was alive and, if it took his last breath, he was going to keep her that way.  
He stood in the rain, long after she had disappeared; simply enjoying that she was alive. It wasn’t until he was drenched that he remembered it wasn’t supposed to rain today. The past was changing.
            Dephon squatted behind the women’s apparel rack in Macys. He had followed his mom and Virginia to the mall. He was definitely not the best spy on the planet. In fact, if he was honest with himself, he might be the worst. Virginia had spotted him at least twice on their walk over. He’d tried to play it cool, but she’d still looked at him suspiciously.
            Dephon felt a tap on his shoulder. He whirled around. “Jacqueline,” he cried out in surprise. It took all he had not to launch into her, but the puzzled expression on her face made him pause.
“You’re scaring them. Virginia is debating whether or not to call the police.” As Jacqueline spoke, she stared at him with great interest. Finally, she reached out and poked his chest.
“What are you doing and why are you staring at me like that?”
“How do you know my name?”
“What do you mean? Can’t you read my mind?”
“How do you know I read minds?”
            Dephon sighed, exasperated. “We’re going in circles. What happened to your mind reading and future reading skills?” He glanced around quickly, an idea dawning on him. “Is a scalper around?”
            “You seem well versed in magic for someone so young. But if there was a scalper I wouldn’t be able to read anyone’s future—not just yours. So, who are you and why are you skulking around the juniors section of the ladies department?”
            Dephon sighed, “This would be so much easier if you could read my mind, ‘cause you’re not going to believe me.”
            “I can be quite gullible. Try me.”
            “I’m from the future,” Dephon said slowly, trying to gauge her reaction. Jacqueline’s eyes widened, but she remained silent.  Dephon continued steadily, “It was all part of your master plan, that you didn’t tell anyone about. My mom is Hyalee. She was supposed to save the planet, not me, but she failed. So here I am trying to figure out what you,” her eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “I mean, future you, wants me to do.”
            Jacqueline nodded, her expression, as impossible as it was, managed to be a mixture of confusion and understanding. “So that’s why I can’t read your future: You don’t have one. Where did you get an Exemeus from and The Dzitar of Duplicity?” She asked, curiously.
            “Well, I….” Dephon’s voice trailed off as his eyes scanned the store. “Where’s my mom?” he cried out in alarm.
“She just walked out the door,” Jacqueline said, gesturing with her chin.
Dephon hurtled through the maze of clothes, ignoring Jacqueline calling after him. He dashed out the door, searching for his mother’s disheveled ponytail. In the parking lot he noticed two lone figures turning the corner. Running at top speed, he hurried to catch up with them. As he rounded the corner he almost ran smack dab into Virginia, who stood with her arm outstretched, a silver canister clasped between her fingers.
There was no time for him to process what was happening. She released a steady stream of spray directly into his eyes. His vision went blurry; and all he could do was scream. He toppled backwards, landing on his butt with a thud. He clawed at his eyes wishing the pain would subside. He didn’t know how long he sat there writhing in agony, before a comforting arm rested on his shoulder. Calmness settled over him as his brain disassociated from his body, and the world was swept away.
Back at Jacqueline’s house, Jacqueline dabbed at Dephon’s eye with a herb that appeared to be … drooling. Dephon tried not to cringe, opting to ignore the abnormal feel of plant spit on his face, because it appeared to be helping. His vision had cleared and the pain had subsided.
“I can’t believe Virginia sprayed me with mace,” Dephon said, blinking against the brightness of the light.
“I can’t believe you’re surprised.  That’s what girls are supposed to do when a strange boy chases them around the mall. Were you expecting a greeting card?” she waved her hand dismissively, “Tell me about future me.”
“I wasn’t chasing them,” Dephon said adamantly. Jacqueline gave him a disbelieving glance. Dephon shook his head. “Whatever. As for future you, she still knows it all and tells nothing. The future you wouldn’t have told me about the mace either.”
“In my defense, I yelled after you, but you ignored me. I was going to warn you, but you didn’t listen. Hopefully, lesson learned. Tell me about the future. I’ve never met a person who has time travelled. Twins are rare and royalty is even rarer. You might be the first time traveler.”
“Lucky me,” he said drily. “There’s nothing to tell really.  The Treptonian government has taken over the planet. We have to stay inside, schools and sports are illegal. The government controls everything and anyone who doesn’t obey is shot to death. ”
“So I sent you back to save the future. Sounds like the type of brilliant plan that I would come up with.” Jacqueline said, smiling to herself.
“Some plan: my mother thinks I’m a stalker, I’m stuck in the past, and I have no idea what to do to keep history from repeating itself.”
“I didn’t give you any instructions at all? That doesn’t sound like me.”
“You told me to read my mom’s Exemeus. That’s it. Some advice.”  
“Well, did you read it?” She asked, resuming her ministrations on his eye.
“Um— ” but before Dephon could evade the question, the doorbell rang.
Jacqueline froze.
“What’s wrong?” Dephon asked.                                      
“The doorbell isn’t supposed to ring.”
“It’s not? Is it broken?”
“No, I just didn’t foresee it happening.”
“Who is it?” Dephon asked peering over her shoulder as though he could see through walls.
“I don’t know,” Jacqueline said, thoroughly perplexed. “I think your presence is throwing everything off. We’ve got to be careful; time shouldn’t change too much.”  She headed to the door. Dephon hopped off the counter and followed her.
The door swung open and on the steps stood a girl in a flowery white and pink dress.
Dephon recognized her instantly. “You,” he yelled pointing at her. “You’ve been following me.”
The girl stepped around Jacqueline and reached out to touch Dephon’s face. He swatted her hand away in surprise and took a tentative step back.
“You two know each other?” Jacqueline asked.
“No,” Dephon said. At the same time the girl responded “yes”.
“Who are you?” Dephon asked staring into her brown oval eyes. Her stare was intense, he shook it off, taking another step back.
“I’m your energy match. I felt like you needed me,” she said, her voice sounding hollow like she was whispering, but managing to do it at a regular volume.
“How could I need you? I don’t know you.” Dephon said, glancing to Jacqueline for confirmation. Jacqueline watched the exchange with barely constrained amusement.
“We’re energy matches. We’ll always know when we need each other.”
Dephon hoped to one day meet a female he didn’t think was weird. Today was clearly not going to be that day. “Firstly, you and I are nothing to each other, but strangers.  Secondly, you can’t just show up at someone’s house rambling on about energy matches and expect people to not think that you’re crazy. What is an energy match, anyway?” Dephon said looking back and forth between Jacqueline and the strange girl. Jacqueline shrugged, clearly as ignorant as Dephon was. Not comforting.
The strange girl reached out and grabbed Dephon’s hand. His skin began to glow an ocean blue color-- and so did hers-- an energy hummed along the surface of his skin, the room was brighter, his vision was sharper, and he felt the strength of his powers practically crackling at his fingertips. It was intoxicating.
She removed her hand way too quickly and Dephon had to forcibly hold himself back to keep from following her hand.
“You need me,” she said simply.
Dephon had to agree.
“That was amazing,” Jacqueline said with excitement. “Who are you?”
“Valentina,” she said, paying attention to Jacqueline for the first time. “ And your Jacqueline.” She said simply.
“How do you know that?” Dephon asked.
“I had a feeling.”
“Of course, you seem to have a lot of feelings.”
“I do. I felt that you needed me and I felt your sadness and your pain.”
Dephon furrowed his brow, “I think your feeling device is off, because I’m not sad.”
Valentina smiled and reached up and brushed her fingers past the corner of his eyes.  Dephon gasped as an overwhelming sadness pervaded his body. He had to grit his teeth to keep from crying. His mind was a jumble of all the times in the future that didn’t exist yet, where he would long for his mother, but she wouldn’t be there. His mind raced through this first time that they met and how she let her friend mace him. He remembered the moments in the book when she was so loving and tender to those around her, but he had yet to experience any of her kindness.
“Make it stop,” Dephon said to her, through gritted teeth. The jumble of thoughts was more than he could handle.
 “Only you can make it stop,” she said taking his hand in hers. “Command it away,” she said to him as his skin lit up and his powers thrummed to life.
Dephon mentally pushed the thoughts away. Almost immediately they disappeared, but the sadness remained. “I’m still depressed.”
“I know, but that is your decision. You’ve always been sad about your mother’s absence and now what you feel is a second betrayal; I just let you feel it. You shouldn’t hide from your feelings.”
Just great. Now he was suffering from depression on top of all of his other problems.
“On that note, I think I’m going to leave you two to get acquainted,” Jacqueline said. “You’re both welcomed to stay as long as you like.”
Dephon didn’t protest. He couldn’t, because Jacqueline was gone, leaving him alone with the girl he didn’t quite trust.


                      Chapter 2
Dephon tossed and turned in his sleep. His sadness was so heavy it felt like it was pressing down on his chest, making it impossible to breathe. Images of his mother assaulted his mind, the memories of her fighting Dubleton, the shocked expression on her face when she was betrayed. Dephon squeezed his eyes together, trying to keep the errant thoughts at bay… but he couldn’t. His least favorite memory of her came unbidden into his mind: beams of white light uniting and hitting his mother in the heart before she crashed lifeless to the ground.
Dephon sprung up into a seated position, nearly colliding with Jacqueline who was sitting on his bed.
“Uhhh, must you always do that?”
“I don’t know what you mean, but whatever I do, I do for a reason.”       
“Could’ve fooled me,” Dephon said, his eyes latching onto a glittering object swinging from her hand. “What’s that?” he asked, jutting out his chin at her balled up fist.
“I noticed you’ve been trying to sleep for the past 12 hours. It’s almost noon and you don’t look like you’ve slept a wink. What’s wrong?” she asked, ignoring his question entirely.
“Maybe I was creeped out by the thought of someone watching me sleep.”
Jacqueline smiled. “You’re amusing.  What’s the real reason that you can’t sleep? Valentina can’t seem to either. She’s tossing and turning too.”
“Do you spy on all of your house guests?”
“Only the ones whose minds I can’t read.”
Dephon nestled back against his pillow, his eyes roaming the ceiling. “What do you think about Valentina?”
“I can’t get any more of a read on her than I’ve got on you.”
“Then why did you let us stay here. We could be murderers, or assassins hired to kill you.”
Jacqueline burst into laughter, a melodious sound that put Dephon at ease.  “I would love to see you two try, but even with the debilitating fear of you slitting my throat while I sleep, I couldn’t turn you out onto the streets. And she seems hell bent on assisting you, so I viewed it as a package deal.”
“We are not a package. I don’t even know her. And “ Dephon added, leaning forward, just in case Valentina had magical hearing powers “she’s a little bit weird.”
“So are you. And you do seem to share a connection. You both suffer from restless sleep syndrome. What’s the problem? Dreaming about Hyalee?”
“Wait, you think I’m weird?”
Jacqueline waved her hand dismissively, the glittering object catching his attention once more.
“What is that?” Dephon asked again.
“An Azemeon.”
“Uh huh, of course. Never a name I know. What’s it for? It looks like a necklace.”
“It is more or less, and it’s for you.”
“A necklace, just what I always wanted. Too bad I forgot to pack anything that will match.”
“I’m sure you’ll manage,” she said as she gingerly placed the necklace around his neck.
“Why do I have to wear this,” Dephon asked reaching up to grab the sphere shaped pendant.
“Don’t touch i-“ Jacqueline’s words were cut off as the world was engulfed with darkness. Dephon felt his insides split into a million pieces swirling around until they all reconfigured in a blinding flash of light.
And then there was no more.
“Earth to Hyalee,” Virginia said waving her hands in my face. “Have you heard a word I said?”
“No, I’m so sorry,” I said, looki ng over my shoulder, “but I suddenly get the feeling we’re being watched.”
“Maybe the guy I pepper-sprayed is coming back for more,” Virginia said excitedly, beginning to dig through her purse.
“Stop. No more mace. I can’t believe you even did that, he was just a boy.”
“A creepy boy.”
“I thought he looked sweet.”
“We’ll have to agree to disagree. So, as I was saying, I was online and I saw an advertisement for the hobbit and you know who the lead looked like? David! That’s who he looks like, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but he looks like one of the trolls from those movies.”
“They’re not trolls they’re hobbits, hence the name The Hobbit.”
“Whatever, you know what I mean. Ooooohh fine guy, six o’clock.”
I rolled my eyes at Virginia’s short attention span, but I played along with her anyway. “My six or yours?”
  “Definitely yours,” a smooth Baritone voice said behind me. I turned around and stared up into the most arresting hazel eyes. Dimples winked at me from his cheeks. I’m pretty sure I had stopped breathing.
“I seem to be lost,” he said staring at me intently, “can you help me find my way to English lit; it’s in room,” he glanced at his schedule, “it’s in room 134. Do you know where that is?”
“She sure does,” Virginia said, volunteering my services.  
 “I hope I didn’t interrupt your conversation. I’d just hate to be the new kid who was always late.”
I glanced at the clock on my phone, “No, it’s fine. If you hadn’t come by, I would have been late for class. Again.”
“See,” Virginia said offering him her most endearing smile, “you just saved her from detention. Are you trying to be her superman?”
I gave Virginia a warning look as the boy laughed, an interesting sound that complimented the sparkle in his eyes. “I’ll do my best.”
“Well, let’s get going,” I said to him, “I’ll see you later, V,” I called over my shoulder.
“Call me later and tell me everything!”
I wished the floor would swallow me up. “She’s just kidding, really.”
He nodded indifferently, “Best friends don’t scare me. They normally just want to make sure I’m not the antichrist and that I keep them knee deep in swoon-worthy stories. How am I doing so far?”
I laughed, “Well, I don’t think you’re the antichrist.”
“What a relief: that was the part I was most worried about,” he said giving me that 100 watt smile. “So what’s your story?”
“My story?”
“Tell me about yourself. We can start with your name.”
I came to a halt in front of room 134. “There’s not much to tell really,” I said leaning against the wall. Facing me he did the same. He was so close the tips of our shoes were almost touching. I had to crane my neck to see his handsome face. I brushed a stray hair out of my face nervously.
“You don’t have a name? Your mother must have a hard time when she wants to call you for dinner.”
I smiled, “I’m Hyalee Smith, a senior here at Lowell High.” I shrugged unsure of how to proceed.
“Single, dating, married?”
“Married?” I laughed, “If I got married now, my mother would kill me before I even left the church.”
“That would cut costs if you plan your wedding and your funeral on the same day. The same preacher can preside over both ceremonies. I should market that.”
“Weddings and funerals in one, I don’t know if it will catch on.”
“I can sell anything; Evian to a drowning man.” His eyes roved over my face. “You never told me if you were single or not.”
“I’m definitely single,” I said, staring down at the tips of our shoes.
“Maybe we should change that, what are you doing after class?”
The bell rang.
Shoot, I was late again.
“Detention,” I said glumly. I pushed off the wall. “It was nice to meet you….?” I trailed off trying to remember his name, but realizing he had never given it to me.
“Dubleton. Dubleton Johnson.”
“I’ll see you around, Dubleton” I said, dashing down the hall.
I faintly heard him say, “You can count on it.”
Dephon was back in his own body gasping for air. He didn’t know if it was the rush of feeling his mother’s emotions or the fear of her killer being so close, but he felt stifled, like there wasn’t enough oxygen.
Jacqueline stood at the foot of the bed, watching him intently. “Welcome back. Are you alright?”
“What happened,” Dephon asked, trying to shake off his confusion.
“Had you waited, which you must always do when presented with a magical artifact, you would have realized that an azemeon helps you to walk in someone else’s shoes. Literally. It was created to help people see things in a different way. It can be a bit disorienting the first time.  I hoped it would draw you closer to Hyalee—so you wouldn’t feel so disjointed from your mother. You don’t look like you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy though.”`
“Something has changed. Today my mom was supposed to meet my dad, but instead she met her murderer. I will kill him if he touches her,” Dephon said, jumping up from the bed. He opened his backpack of clothes and began to grab a change of clothes.
“That is horrible, but not as horrible as you charging off without a plan. What do you intend to do?”
Dephon paused for a moment, looking at her. “I don’t know, but I read a thousand-page book in ten days, I saw my best friend and my dad face down the Treptonian army by themselves—I doubt they survived, and every night for the past 13 years I’ve had to relive my mother’s death. I will not let her die again. This is my chance to make it right, and I refuse to just sit around here while that creep hits on my mom.”
“What have you done?”
“The past isn’t changing on its own. You’re doing something. What is it?”
“I don’t know! I just got here. I was followed by Valentina, got maced by Virginia and then I ended up here with you. That’s it.”
“Ok, but the past will follow the same course, unless something changes it.”
“Well, I don’t know what it could be—“
Dephon’s tirade was interrupted by a knock on the door. Without an invitation Valentina strolled in, but with her light steps it looked more like she was gliding.
“I felt like you needed me.”
“Well I don’t!” Dephon yelled. He glanced at her suspiciously, “what have you been doing all day?”
“She stayed up half the night tossing and turning. She didn’t get out of bed until noon, just like you,” Jacqueline said gently.
Dephon shrugged, unconvinced, as he headed into the bathroom. Changing his clothes, he could still hear them talking outside. He tried to focus on a plan, but his thoughts were all jumbled. He doubted he could get the words out even when he did find his mother. He needed someone who could convince her that Dubleton was trouble. He needed his dad.
Fully dressed, Dephon sprinted past Jacqueline and Valentina. He had no way of tracking his father, but he did know where he would be right now.  At the Lowell High football field.  
It took him 20 minutes to get a cab and make it to Lowell high. He dashed through the corridors making it to the field by the time the players were streaming out of the locker room. Dephon eyed everyone walking out. No one looked familiar.
Then a silhouette appeared in the shadows.
Singleton Johnson emerged from the locker room, water still glistening off his hair. He languidly headed to his next class, a small smile playing on his lips. To Dephon he looked so different, not just because of his age, but because of his way of being. He looked … happy.
“Johnson,” a guy called, jogging up the pathway. “Wait up.”
Singleton turned around and smiled: A full-fledged grin, displaying his dimples. Dephon stood in awe, watching the man who would one day become his father.  He would have stared forever if his father didn’t turn in his direction. Singleton’s smile faltered a bit, but he still managed to give Dephon an uneasy nod.
 Dephon turned away until Singleton and his friend entered the main building. He didn’t need to get pepper sprayed twice in a 24 hour period. He waited a few minutes, before trailing after them into the building. By the time he reached inside his father was standing at his locker alone.
“Hi, Singleton,” Dephon said with more confidence than he felt. He didn’t know what he was going to say, but if Jacqueline could believe him, surely his dad would too.
Singleton gave him another one of those uneasy glances, before returning his attention back to his locker. “Hey,” his dad said, sticking his pencil in his mouth, to free up his hands. Dephon realized it had the added benefit of preventing further conversation. Singleton began loading his backpack with books for his next class.
Dephon summoned all of his courage, before beginning to speak. “This is going to sound weird, but I need you to hear me out.”
His father glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, suspicion written all over his face.
“In the future you marry a girl you haven’t even met yet. Her name is Hyalee Smith, But your brother wants her too and he wants to take over the world. He kills your mother and everyone you care about, including your wife. All that you have left is your son, Dephon-that’s me.” Singleton’s eyebrows shot up to the ceiling. Dephon continued, “Your brother ends up ruling the world and you end up with nothing, but a lot of hatred and a son you neglect.
“I know it sounds weird, but you also meet a woman name Jacqueline, who helps you develop your powers. Your mother hasn’t told you yet, but you are descended from a long line of magical royalty. This woman, Jacqueline, has sent me into the past to help you and mom change everything, but things have already started to go wrong, because you were supposed to meet her today, but you’re brother met her instead. We’ve got to do something, dad.”
By this point, Singleton’s expression had changed from uneasy to downright paranoid. His pencil had dropped on the floor, because his jaw was hanging wide open. He kept casting furtive glances around, like he was looking for backup in case Dephon became hostile.
“I know this is hard to believe-“
“Wait a second let me get this straight,” Singleton said holding up his palm like he was directing traffic. “My seventeen year old brother kills my mother, my wife, and takes over the planet? How does he do this exactly? With his calculus text book?”
“He has magical powers too.”
“Magical powers. Right. Look kid, I don’t know if this is a game or if your off some medication, but I can’t help you. If my brother put you up to this tell him he needs to visit a specialist, ‘cause this one was over the top—even for him.” Singleton slammed his locker and hefted his backpack over his back, before briskly walking away.
Dephon ran to catch up. “O.k I’ll make you a deal. Call your mother and tell her ‘it’s o.k., you found out about the family history and you’re not upset’. If she doesn’t backup my story, then I’ll admit I’m crazy and leave you alone.”
“No, you’re going to leave me alone, because I said so. I don’t know what game you’re pulling--,”
The bell rang signaling the end of fifth period. Ignoring Dephon, Singleton rushed down the hall, putting distance between them.
Hyalee emerged out into the hallway. Dephon stared at her in surprise. So did Singleton.
Her face lit up with surprise when she saw Singleton striding toward her. She opened her mouth to speak and then her eyes landed on Dephon. A worried expression crossed her face. Dephon was about to reassure her, but something was wrong. He was overwhelmed by such an unbearable heat that it had to be combustible.
They were getting too close, he needed to warn them. But his father was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Singleton took the last couple of strides toward her, and it was too late. A cosmic ball of light exploded between the two of them. Dephon was hurled backwards as flames engulfed the hallway. His head slammed against a locker and he slid, barley conscious, to the floor.
Dephon was clearly changing the past, but definitely not for the better.

The last sound Dephon heard before slipping into unconsciousness, were the screams of Lowell high students and the roar of fire as the building burned to the ground.

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