31 books in 31 Days FAQ's

Welcome to 31 books in 31 days FAQ's

1) What is 31 books in 31 days? How can I win?
        31 books in 31 days is a giveaway for the month of March.
               -Each day a book will be featured by the featured author of the day along with an interview
               - Participants win points by

        1. Reading the featured book of the day (5 points)
        2. Reading any book by the featured author of the day (4 points)
        3. Read a book by any of the other 30 authors (3 points)
        4. Read any book (2 points)
        5. Take author quiz,
        6.  Follow author on social media site (2 points)
        7. Join this site (1 point) 

2) How do I prove that I read a book? 

                  Write a review at least 3 sentences that mentions/summarizes the book. Post it on Amazon.

3) If my school doesn't participate, can I participate?

                Of course. The program is meant for anyone who wants to participate to have the opportunity to do so.

4) How much is the program?

            It is free of charge. We want everyone to have access.

5) What authors are participating? What will the featured books be so I can rent, borrow, or buy them in advance?

      1. Paula Weston - Shadows (The Rephaim Book 1)
      2. Desni Dantone - Ignited (The Ignited Series Book 1)  
      3. Jadie Jones - Moonlit (Moonlit Trilogy Book 1)
      4. Mary Elizabeth Summer- Trust Me, I'm Lying
      5. Swati Avasthi -Split
      6. Dale Basye - Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go
      7. Chris Grabenstein - I Funny: A Middle School Story
      8. Ryan Quinn- The Fall
      9. Melissa Landers- Alienated
      10. Alison Kemper- Donna of the Dead (Entangled Teen)
      11. Folami Morris- The Exemeus (The Exemeus #1)
      12. Sherilyn Kenyon- Infinity: Chronicles of Nick            
      13. Lois Lowry -The Giver (Giver Quartet, Book 1) ;
      14. Maria V. Snyder - Poison Study (Soulfinders Book 1)
      15. Sara Ney - Kissing In Cars (Kiss & Make Up Book 1)
      16. C.C Humphreys -The Fetch (The Runestone Saga)
      17. Lizzy Ford - Dark Summer (Witchling Series Book 1)
      18. Rysa Walker- Timebound (The Chronos Files Book 1)
      19. Ellen Hopkins- Crank
      20. Shawn Goodman- Something Like Hope
      21.  Jeff Strand- Wolf Hunt
      22. Lamar Giles- Fake ID
      23. Sherry Ficklin-To be Announced
      24. Claudia Gray- To be Announced
      25. Danielle Paige- Dorothy Must Die
      26. Joseph Delaney-The Last Apprentice: Seventh Son: Book 1 and Book 2
      27. Peter Lerangis- Seven Wonders Book 1: The Colossus Rises
      28. Chloe Jacobs- Greta and the Goblin King (Mylena Chronicles)
      29. Lauren Kate - Fallen
      30. Dora Mochado - Heart of Stone
      31. Dima Zales- The Thought Readers 



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