Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's all coming together-The Exemeus blog update.

As the launch date for The Exemeus draws nearer, I've learned so much about publishing, books, and connecting with fans. I've also learned a lot about myself nad what I love and what I hate. I'm starting to realize that my avesion to continuously blogging has been, because I don't have enough to talk about. Everything in the publishing world moves at a snail pace and just because, I ogt briefed on the ins and outs of advertising an ebook, doesn't mean I want to talk about it. And it definitely doesn't mean you want to hear about it.

With that being said, I've decided to alter the scope of my blog. I will spend most of my time talking about other ya books that I like, what's new in the world of Hyalee and Dephon, and important tour and radio dates for The Exemeus. This will also be where I list giveaways first and where I talk about new ideas I'm brainstorming.

Updates for the month of December:

The Exemeus Cover

The official Exemeus Banner:

The Exemeus book trailer- draft

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