Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review of Shadows

Most people know how much I love Angelfall. However, most other angel books have not compared. I can pass on most of the angel series, so I was reluctant to read Shadows by Paula Weston, but the name kept popping up. I'm a believer in fate and destiny (on a good day anyway) so I ordered the book and started reading. In the neginning, I was far from interested. I wasn't exactly bored, but there was very little reason to keep reading. And then in stepped Rafa. the book quickly became interesting-seizing my attention. Everything took off from there.

I'm normally farily good at reading the signs. Most authors put enough writing on the wall so that there are no surprises. Not the case here. There were so many times that I was just shocked. The secondary characters all had their own motives and they kept derailing the story -- in a good way. No one was what they seemed. The main character even kept you off your toes, but she was always loyal, funny and true to herself- whoever herself managed to be. You want a funny story that keeps you on your toes? This is the story for you.

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