Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Newest addition to our story line:

In 2223 A.D. humanity realized they were not alone. An alien group from the planet Gliese 581-d came to Earth to escape the destruction of their home planet. Earth's leaders allowed it because the aliens were peaceful, they were beautiful, and something about them was utterly irresistible.

400 years later humanity has all but been eradicated. Most humans have been absorbed into the alien population. Maya Richardson is one of the few thousand remaining humans. She lives in a fledgling where she had lived with both of her parents, until they each disappeared, abandoning her to for the glittering allure of the Gliesian society.

Unfortunately, she is branded a traitor when her best friend vanishes with the commune’s money. Maya has to prove her innocence to take her rightful place in the commune hierarchy.

But Maya has a secret. Actually, she has two secrets: one that can save the commune and the other that can save humanity. Unfortunately, exposing one of her secrets will get her kicked out of the commune. If she exposes the other, she'll find out that the aliens aren’t so peaceful after all.

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