Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad me

So I haven't been blogging. The person smashing my window has altered the trajectory of my life. I had planned for this month to be a giveaway month and since my giveaway went into the reconstruction of my window- which has begun to roll down by itself- I don't have the fun prizes to offer. I had also been making some huge media plans for the book, but that has been on hold as  I try to get my life in order again.

However, the holidays are coming up. And for those of you who remember I am a superhero at night and a teacher during the day. So during our break I will be able to catch up on posting and plan the next set of giveaways, and what fun things we should have in store for you guys over the coming year.

I also have Ya books to review like Anomaly and I'm hopefully going to start interviewing some of your favorite authors in the coming year. Stay tuned and hope to see you guys soon.

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