Saturday, January 10, 2015

Changing the world

Since I was a kid, I have said "I will change the world". I always added that I would do it when I was older, richer, wiser (fill in your own ending). I realize now that day will never come, not just for me, but for any of us. If there is something you want to do you have to do today because tomorrow isn't promised.

So I'm going to change the world.  How am I going to change the world? Honestly, I've been thinking about it.

            1. I can't step in front of a bullet and stop people from shooting police.

            2. I can't control the minds of police officers and stop them from killing unarmed men.

            3. I can't prevent prejudice, oppression, racism, sexism or anti-gay sentiment.

I can, however, promote a better way of thinking. I can promote reading. I know that seems anti-climatic, but I thought about how I could change the world over the break. I thought about how my world changes: it changes through reading. When I read amazing authors like Paula Weston, Rysa Walker and Brigid Kemmerer, I completely detach from this planet.  It's like being in a different world, where my problems are illusions and anything is possible.

I think all too often we turn on the news, read the newspaper, or go online just to find a world of chaos. And for people-- youth especially-- the realities can be daunting. Everyone needs a place of solace: Somewhere they can find refuge in a world at war. For me books are my oasis. And that is one thing that I can share with the world: my love of books.

So I have started a project called 31 books in 31 days to celebrate national reading month. 31 amazing authors donate their books and their time to promote reading. I haven't fine tuned the idea quite yet so I'll keep you all posted- that and quite frankly my hands are tired of typing and I might as well build some suspense. See you next time.

Loving Ya


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