Monday, February 2, 2015

Authors for 31 books in 31 days

There is a problem in the educational community. Children have strayed from reading. I walk into the homework cafe of my school and the students are all on their phones or electronic devices. Sure, they do their homework on occasion and they experience social interaction. But what happened to that book that you can't put down? That series you can't walk away from?

I don't want children to miss out on the benefits of reading because of their love for technology. Educators, parents, America as a whole should be using technology to grow kids love of learning- of reading. Fifty percent of adults can't read at the eighth grade reading level.We need to change the story--  the statistics-- to have a brighter future.  This is one reason why 31 books in 31 days is so near and dear to my heart.

I'm hoping that the option to connect with amazing authors will motivate kids, and people of all ages, to read and experience some of the amazing authors out there.

So far 30 super generous authors have volunteered their books and their time to discuss reading and its significance in their lives.

Throughout the month, I will be reading the first chapter on you tube of these amazing authors' books. These books will grab you and draw you in. Hopefully, getting a taste will encourage you to support these authors and encourage the youth in your life to support these authors-- or any authors-- during National Reading Month.  Below are the names of the contributing authors.

1. Paula Weston
2. Rysa Walker
3. Maria Snyder
4. Lois Lowry
5.  Lamar Giles
6. Sherilyn Kenyon
7. Folami Morris
8. Chris Grabenstein
9. Joseph Delaney
10. Desni Dantone
11. Jadie Jones
12. Swati Avasthi
13. Dale Basye
14. Dora Mochado
15. Lauren Kate
16. Caitlyn duffy
17. Mary Elizabeth Summer
18. Jeff Strand
19. Shawn Goodman
20. Ellen Hopkins
21. Alison Kemper
22. Melissa Landers
23. Sherry Ficklin
24 Sara Ney
25. C.C Humphreys
26. Peter Landris
27. Lizzy Ford
28. Danielle Page
29. Claudia Gray

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