Sunday, October 19, 2014

Audiobook Fears

As a self-published author, creating and publicizing your ya book is not easy.  There are many hats that an author has to wear as a publicist as well as a publisher. It's hard to keep everything straight and make sure that you are focusing on what is most important and not what is the most present.

However, as I focus on the launch of my new book a new avenue has just opened up for me- audiobooks. Apparently there are a religious following of audiobook zealots. These people only "read" audiobooks, but most publishers overlook this market, because, frankly, its quite costly. 

I, however, have been offered this amazing opportunity to use a professional sound studio and self create my audio book for free. Its very exciting- and scary. I have done everything I can to create a professional quality book. I always want my name to be synonymous with the perfection that you expect from a top notch publishing company. I have spent years educating myself on how to create a first quality book, but how does one create an audio book? Do I need to create voices?  Can I even keep the voices straight if I did? I am pretty sure that I am paralyzed with fear, but hopefully through research and perseverance I will be able to create a quality product. 

So hopefully you guys can tell me what you want in an audio book. What makes an audio book great? What is the ultimate turnoff in audio books? Let me know.

loving Ya

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