Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The hottest males in YA

Everyone is always asking me why I love YA. I answer the question all the time, but today I thought I would zoom in on the males in YA.

 I love the fact that female heroines are popular, because we get to see the men through their eyes. We get to see the things that they love about their guy and hate about their guy. But most importantly, it keeps us guessing. Does he like her? Does he hate her? Why is he acting like that? It all adds to the suspense. And then theirs the moment we realize that she really does like him, it made (hopefully) all of those pages of angst worthwhile.

But not every YA man is created equal. What I like in a YA hero is different than what you would like. I love my men strong, loyal, and highly sarcastic. I love a sensuality that eases off the pages. So my male crushes would have to be:

1) Ayden from Demons at Deadnight. He is protective. He's hot-- both literally and figuratively.  He's got a sense of humor and he's got a cute way of dealing with Aurora. I love their interactions and how he treats her family. And he's got a body to die for. What more could a ya reader want.

2) Dmitri. Hopefully everyone knows who I'm talking about, from Vampire Academy. Once I got over the slightly pedophilish nature of their relationship, I really loved him. He struggled to do the right thing, like a dieting kid at a pizza party. But even as he waited for her to turn 18, he was protective, he was loyal, and he had his own little sense of humor. Did I mention his Godlike physique?  His body was to die for, I had to keep myself from drooling on the pages. Even when he didn't feel the same about Rose anymore-- at least, so he said-- he was willing to take on an army for her. Swoon.

3) Aiden. I must have a thing for Aidens, because I love the Aiden of Jennifer L Armentrout's half-blood series. I love his loyalty to her and to his beliefs. He is such acharacter of substance, because morals and values are important to him. What I love the most about him is that he is willing to break with the morals and values that he has adhered to all of his life just to keep Alex safe. I love how he looks at her and loves her even when she is "acting up". He is a well written character that I wish I could bring into real life.

Those are my main three for now. I'll be posting my new loves of YA again at the end of March to kick off the promotion of The Azemeon. Whoever posts their favorite ya heros or heroines will be entered to win a prize. Stay tuned.

Loving YA

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  1. Isn't he! I just adore him. I love the scene in the books when he had been converted back from a Strigoi and the guards come to get her. He goes completely crazy and begins to take on the army single handedly, I just him. One of the best fictional boyfriends EVER.