Saturday, October 11, 2014

The beginning of The Azemeon

In light of my impending birthday, I thought we would release a little of the Azemeon. We hope you like it. Feel free to join our blog, post a comment, suscribe to us on facebook and twitter or buy our book at  . Whatever you can to support the Exemeus. Hope you guys love it.

Chapter 1
Dephon wove his way through the crowded streets, his fear propelling him forward. Out of place in this new time, Dephon wasn’t sure of much, but he was sure of one thing:he was being followed.
In the sewers of Trepton, the first thing you learned was how to tell when you weren't alone.  There were no second chances in Trepton, but at least there, he knew who his enemies were. Here he had no idea. And that was much worst. He stopped and hid behind a building at the corner of Kezar Drive, peering cautiously down the street in the hopes of catching his stalker unaware. The streets were brimming with so many people that he couldn’t see anything. Or rather he saw too much. A dark-haired man to the left of him looked suspicious, and a masculine-looking woman was staring at him a little too intently for comfort.  Was she evil, or was she just staring because Dephon just looked crazy, peeking at people around the side of buildings?
Dephon tried to clear his head, but everyone was starting to look suspicious. He could have sworn that he saw the girl in the flowery white and pink dress with long, swinging black hair three streets ago.  And there was a man in a blue suit pushing a stroller who looked familiar, too. Dephon wasn’t sure who was following him, but he was smart enough to never doubt his instincts.

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