Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Why is The Exemeus different-Sequel updates

We wrote The Exemeus before the dystopian craze: before every book on the shelf talked about what plague, revolution, or natural disaster had wiped out man kind. We wanted our book to be different. So we gave it two eyes- two perspectives: one of the world the way it was and one of the world the  way it is. In books, and in life, we rarely ever see what in society led up to the moment. What led up to the revolution? What is so important that the character you love, must fear, must fight, must die for the truths of a world that we may or may not believe is possible.

The Exemeus is different. It is the story of how the revolution failed. It is a story of struggle and hope, with a mixture of magic. 

The Azemeon is far better than The Exemeus was, luckily. And it deserves far more publicity than the Exemeus received. So we're delaying our release date. In the meantime we'll be conducting giveaways to build up to the big day. 

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