Saturday, November 15, 2014

3 Young Adult books you must read before you die

Every one should read YA. I know thats a bold statement, but life is short. We get old quickly, time passes us by. There are very few things that can remind us what it was like to be a YA. The joys of that first love, the angst of high school, and that freedom to shape our future into whatever we desire.

That being said below are the 3 YA books you must read before you die. (Safely assume that The Exemeus is implied, although not listed:)

 1. Angelfall
           A dystopian story about loyalty, love and beating the odds. Penryn is one of the few remaining humans after the Earth has been destroyed by angels. Her sister is taken by the very same angels who have decimated the planet. The story is original. The writing is crystal clear and the characters are hilarious. Susan EE makes the end of time scary, real, and yet humorous enough that you can't put it down. Every page provides a new reason to fall in love with the characters all over again, especially Penryn. You would be hard pressed to find a more loveable heroine.

2. Shadows by Paula Weston

             This is different because the heroine is living a double life. In most YA novels the character discovers that they have super powers and you get to see them use it for the first time. In Shadows Gabby has lived a full heroic life already, she just doesn't know it.  The premise of this novel is original and the characters are hilarious. There is an underlying mystery and you are dying to know what's real and what isn't, since the p.o.v character has been fed a pack of lies. Paula Weston weaves an amazing tale of friendship, love and deception, and her second book in the series is even better. This is a must read.

3. Demons at Deadnight
           A & E Kirk construct an exciting tale about a girl who can track demons. An overall useless skill that normally results in early death. To stay alive and protect her family she enlists the aid of the infamous hex boys, boys with their own set of demon-fighting powers. These YA authors construct a new lore and create a riot of laughter doing it. The characters are funny and extremely original. The book doesn't reuse old tropes, but the authors establish their own world which they deeply root in familial values. One of the best series out there.

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