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I was hoping to have read and reviewed a book today, but the book I'm reading is so... meh. I can't seem to get into it. I have been making excuses to avoid it. You know how it is when there is just something you don't want to do. You take out the trash, clean the house, wash the dog, count your eyelashes.... I unfortunately can't make any more excuses. I just can't finish the book. I know there are tons of people who loved the book, but its just not for me. So I am moving on.

I just read a review about A Thousand Pieces of You , (I think that's the name) anyway, it looks interesting so I'm going t read that next. If it is a good book I'll post a review, if the book puts me to sleep we'll never speak of this again and I'll pretend I have amnesia if it is ever bought up.

Speaking of reviews, The Exemeus received a fairly good one on Red City Review. We're fairly excited.

Go check it out at red city reviews.

Last but not least, I promised more of The Azemeon so it is included below.But before I let you go, what would you guys like to see more of? what topics, posts, or even giveaways would make you happy? Post it in the comments below.

Dephon was back in his own body gasping for air. He didn’t know if it was the rush of feeling his mother’s emotions or the fear of her killer being so close, but he felt stifled, like there wasn’t enough oxygen.
Jacqueline stood at the foot of the bed, watching him intently. “Welcome back. Are you alright?”
“What happened,” Dephon asked, trying to shake off his confusion.
“Had you waited, which you must always do when presented with a magical artifact, you would have realized that an azemeon helps you to walk in someone else’s shoes. Literally. It was created to help people see things in a different way. It can be a bit disorienting the first time.  I hoped it would draw you closer to Hyalee—so you wouldn’t feel so disjointed from your mother. You don’t look like you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy though.”`
“Something has changed. Today my mom was supposed to meet my dad, but instead she met her murderer. I will kill him if he touches her,” Dephon said, jumping up from the bed. He opened his backpack of clothes and began to grab a change of clothes.
“That is horrible, but not as horrible as you charging off without a plan. What do you intend to do?”
Dephon paused for a moment, looking at her. “I don’t know, but I read a thousand-page book in ten days, I saw my best friend and my dad face down the Treptonian army by themselves—I doubt they survived, and every night for the past 13 years I’ve had to relive my mother’s death. I will not let her die again. This is my chance to make it right, and I refuse to just sit around here while that creep hits on my mom.”
“What have you done?”
“The past isn’t changing on its own. You’re doing something. What is it?”
“I don’t know! I just got here. I was followed by Valentina, got maced by Virginia and then I ended up here with you. That’s it.”
“Ok, but the past will follow the same course, unless something changes it.”
“Well, I don’t know what it could be—“
Dephon’s tirade was interrupted by a knock on the door. Without an invitation Valentina strolled in, but with her light steps it looked more like she was gliding.
“I felt like you needed me.”
“Well I don’t!” Dephon yelled. He glanced at her suspiciously, “what have you been doing all day?”
“She stayed up half the night tossing and turning. She didn’t get out of bed until noon, just like you,” Jacqueline said gently.
Dephon shrugged, unconvinced, as he headed into the bathroom. Changing his clothes, he could still hear them talking outside. He tried to focus on a plan, but his thoughts were all jumbled. He doubted he could get the words out even when he did find his mother. He needed someone who could convince her that Dubleton was trouble. He needed his dad.
Fully dressed, Dephon sprinted past Jacqueline and Valentina. He had no way of tracking his father, but he did know where he would be right now.  At the Lowell High football field.  
It took him 20 minutes to get a cab and make it to Lowell high. He dashed through the corridors making it to the field by the time the players were streaming out of the locker room. Dephon eyed everyone walking out. No one looked familiar.
Then a silhouette appeared in the shadows.
Singleton Johnson emerged from the locker room, water still glistening off his hair. He languidly headed to his next class, a small smile playing on his lips. To Dephon he looked so different, not just because of his age, but because of his way of being. He looked … happy.
“Johnson,” a guy called, jogging up the pathway. “Wait up.”
Singleton turned around and smiled: A full-fledged grin, displaying his dimples. Dephon stood in awe, watching the man who would one day become his father.  He would have stared forever if his father didn’t turn in his direction. Singleton’s smile faltered a bit, but he still managed to give Dephon an uneasy nod.
 Dephon turned away until Singleton and his friend entered the main building. He didn’t need to get pepper sprayed twice in a 24 hour period. He waited a few minutes, before trailing after them into the building. By the time he reached inside his father was standing at his locker alone.
“Hi, Singleton,” Dephon said with more confidence than he felt. He didn’t know what he was going to say, but if Jacqueline could believe him, surely his dad would too.
Singleton gave him another one of those uneasy glances, before returning his attention back to his locker. “Hey,” his dad said, sticking his pencil in his mouth, to free up his hands. Dephon realized it had the added benefit of preventing further conversation. Singleton began loading his backpack with books for his next class.
Dephon summoned all of his courage, before beginning to speak. “This is going to sound weird, but I need you to hear me out.”
His father glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, suspicion written all over his face.
“In the future you marry a girl you haven’t even met yet. Her name is Hyalee Smith, But your brother wants her too and he wants to take over the world. He kills your mother and everyone you care about, including your wife. All that you have left is your son, Dephon-that’s me.” Singleton’s eyebrows shot up to the ceiling. Dephon continued, “Your brother ends up ruling the world and you end up with nothing, but a lot of hatred and a son you neglect.
“I know it sounds weird, but you also meet a woman name Jacqueline, who helps you develop your powers. Your mother hasn’t told you yet, but you are descended from a long line of magical royalty. This woman, Jacqueline, has sent me into the past to help you and mom change everything, but things have already started to go wrong, because you were supposed to meet her today, but you’re brother met her instead. We’ve got to do something, dad.”
By this point, Singleton’s expression had changed from uneasy to downright paranoid. His pencil had dropped on the floor, because his jaw was hanging wide open. He kept casting furtive glances around, like he was looking for backup in case Dephon became hostile.
“I know this is hard to believe-“
“Wait a second let me get this straight,” Singleton said holding up his palm like he was directing traffic. “My seventeen year old brother kills my mother, my wife, and takes over the planet? How does he do this exactly? With his calculus text book?”
“He has magical powers too.”
“Magical powers. Right. Look kid, I don’t know if this is a game or if your off some medication, but I can’t help you. If my brother put you up to this tell him he needs to visit a specialist, ‘cause this one was over the top—even for him.” Singleton slammed his locker and hefted his backpack over his back, before briskly walking away.
Dephon ran to catch up. “O.k I’ll make you a deal. Call your mother and tell her ‘it’s o.k., you found out about the family history and you’re not upset’. If she doesn’t backup my story, then I’ll admit I’m crazy and leave you alone.”
“No, you’re going to leave me alone, because I said so. I don’t know what game you’re pulling--,”
The bell rang signaling the end of fifth period. Ignoring Dephon, Singleton rushed down the hall, putting distance between them.
Hyalee emerged out into the hallway. Dephon stared at her in surprise. So did Singleton.
Her face lit up with surprise when she saw Singleton striding toward her. She opened her mouth to speak and then her eyes landed on Dephon. A worried expression crossed her face. Dephon was about to reassure her, but something was wrong. He was overwhelmed by such an unbearable heat that it had to be combustible.
They were getting too close, he needed to warn them. But his father was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Singleton took the last couple of strides toward her, and it was too late. A cosmic ball of light exploded between the two of them. Dephon was hurled backwards as flames engulfed the hallway. His head slammed against a locker and he slid, barley conscious, to the floor.
Dephon was clearly changing the past, but definitely not for the better.

The last sound Dephon heard before slipping into unconsciousness, were the screams of Lowell high students and the roar of fire as the building burned to the ground.

That's it for today.
Loving YA!


  1. I often wondered if reviews just plow through a book to get a review done or just say I can't do it and don't do a review. I know as a reader I have started something and then it just doesn't pan out. It must be even more frustrating as a review.