Saturday, November 29, 2014

More pages of YA book the Azemeon and last day of the Giveway!

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And below is more of the Azemeon. I think I'm going to start compiling it all in one place. For easy access.

Here it is

Chapter 3
“A bomb went off at Lowell high school today. It took the fire department an hour to put out the blaze. Luckily no one was killed in the blast, but several people are in critical condition. Authorities are currently working to find out who is responsible for such a heinous crime. Anderson, back to you.”
Dephon struggled to open his eyes, the throbbing pain in his head encouraged him otherwise. He felt a hand grip his and the pain began to subside. Slowly, he peeked open his eyes and there was Jacqueline and Valentina. Dephon dropped Valentina’s hand and shook his head. This girl was everywhere.
But he couldn’t dwell on her.
“Where’s my mom?”
“She’s just fine. Both of your parents are faring pretty well. Try to stay calm.”
“Calm? How can I stay calm? Everything is a disaster. I’m supposed to be helping, but it looks like I’m in danger of being unborn. How is this happening?”
“When you tamper with time, there are always huge ramifications. Altering just one thing changes the future.”
“Can we stop it?”
“No, but we can try to control it. Maybe you should stay inside for a while, until we can mitigate the effects of you being here.”
“I guess,” Dephon said glumly, “but I’ve got to try to talk to my parents, one last time.”
“I figured you’d say that. I think you’re going to get your wish.” Jacqueline said, turning to look at the door.
Dephon peered over her shoulder and in strolled Singleton with his mother, Joycelyn.  Singleton’s clothes were covered in soot. Smudges were apparent all over his face and his hair was sprinkled with ashes, yet he still looked ready for a model shoot. Some people had all the luck.
“Hello,” Jacqueline said, rising gracefully. She extended a hand to Joycelyn, who stepped forward and shook it firmly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Joycelyn, Singleton,” she said, shaking his hand as well. “You two must have a lot of questions.”
“You’re an illusionist, among other things,” Joycelyn said, giving Jacqeuline a respectful nod.
Singleton stared at his mother apparently still in shock. “I can’t believe this is happening and that you never told me any of this before I caused an explosion. Illusionists and time travelers,” he said glancing at Dephon. “Is this… can this be real?” he said gesturing at Dephon. “Is this my…” his voice faded like he was incapable of finishing the sentence.
“I believe he is your son and that he has come from the future to warn you. I know it’s hard to handle,” Jacqueline said as Singleton ran his hands through his hair, “but we’re all going to have to work together if we want a better future.”
“I’m not willing to suspend disbelief that much, “Joycelyn said casting a critical stare in Dephon’s direction. Just great, even his grandmother didn’t like him. “Time travelers exist only in fables.”
Valentina stepped in front of him defensively. “He’s telling the truth. I feel it.”

Dephon shook his head as he stared at the ceiling. The one person he didn’t want defending him, was the only person who would. He was going to seem as loony as she was.

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