Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Multiple giveaways-More money to Earn

Remember at the beginning of the month I mentioned that there were multiple giveaways going on this month, well I certainly haven't forgotten.

So how many ways can you make money here on our blog? 3!

Yep, 3 different giveaways
             1. The first one is simple. Join our facebook page, blog, and/or twitter and get entered to win 50$. (The rafflecopter is on the homepage)
             2. Make a video of why you loved The Exemeus (1-2 min long) and why you're anxiously awaiting the sequel. Email the video to Fmorris(at)folamiandabenimorrisbooks.com then enter the rafflecopter  below to win 50$

             3. If you're video is picked as the best video out of all the submissions you'll win an additional 100$ deposited into your paypal account or money order for those in the U.S. Its just that simple. the contest ends December 19th-- don't miss out.

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