Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Drop Dead Demons book review

If you have paid the slightest attention to my blog you knows I love to read and review books. However, with trying to promote The Exemeus and The Azemeon, figure out what pinterest is and how to use it-- my reading has suffered. I haven't picked up a book to read in over 5 months. For me that is a horrible record. It had to be broken.

So, I was extremely thrilled when the sequel to Demons at Deadnight, Drop Dead Demons, came out. I bought it the moment that it came out and made it through just one chapter, before putting it down. There is something about the opening scene that I could not get through. It was very similar to the beginning of their first book, where the opening demon scene just wasn't.... Believable? Captivating? The exact word escapes me, but I was able to put it down and just walk away.

The other day, I had free time and I picked it up again after months of hiatus. I read a little further in and I was engrossed. I could mentally kick myself for having waited so long to read the book and write my book review. The is was a good read. The characters were just as wonderful as the first time around. The romance was sweet and more solid. A little more of the mystery had grown and Aurora the main character had grown as well.

The second book in a series is hard. There is minimal setup, but you can't reveal too much of the ultimate plot point or you have nothing for the final book. The characters can't always be happy, you have to shake them up a little. Deteriorate their lives and bring it back together again in a way that everyone is happy enough, but wants to read on. The Writing duo of A & E kirk did that. They also wrote an amazing tale where family was key and the parents weren't all in danger of having people call child protective services on them.

I'll end this book review by saying that the Lahey's are an amazing fictitional family, and the Kirk's are the writing team to watch.

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