Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The book you never knew you HAD to read-Haze Review

It has been my experience that the second book in a sequel is the weakest.

I don't know why. It is like the author has used up all their good ideas and is saving the rest for the second book. I can't begin to count how many series ended on the second book for me. Especially now, since my time is precious.

I wasn't expecting much out of sequel to Haze. I just wasn't. I knew it wouldn't be as good as the first book, and I was right. It was better.

The book was funnier, so much funnier. there were so many times that I laughed out loud.

The characters were true to form, they had settled into their characters more. It was eventful, suspenseful, touching, gripping. There aren't enough adjectives in the English language to explain how I feel. I guess I should summarize, but I am still reeling from the amount of awesome squared (math geek, I know) that occurred in this book.

Gabby still has no idea who she is. She knows she is half angel, her brother died a year ago, and that most of her memories are lies. She is still flying blind and her only option is to trust everything that Rafa tells her-and he's not telling her much, because apparently she hated him in the past and that's the last thing he wants her to remember. But she can't focus on their relationship because a new threat is on the horizon that makes it impossible for her to remain complacent. She thought the demons were bad enough, but now theirs a group who can trap her kind making it impossible for them to escape.

This could be deadly to the Rephaim, but every time Gabby tries to get a handle on it the crap hits the fan. Again. And again. And Again. There is literally no downtime in this book. It's like a series of unfortunate events on steroids, but Gabby handles it with a wit that makes this book a must read. If you haven't guessed I loved Haze, I'm excited to read a second in a series that is actually better than the 1st.

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  1. Isn't it great when you get more than you expect?:)) I usually avoid 2nd books too, but if you say this one is worth reading I'll definitely give it a try!