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13th day of 31 books in 31 days- Sara Ney book giveaway & qualify to win a kindle

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                                           Author of the Day- Sara Ney


Today's author of the day is Sara Ney. She is the author of our featured book, Kissing in Cars, and He Kissed Me First (Kiss & Make Up Book 2). Her story isn't the typical YA romance of love and angst, but an edgy story filled with light-hearted humor that will keep you enthralled well in to the night. If you haven't already read this featured book,which has over 50  four and five star reviews, pick it up today. don't forget to write a review for your chance to win a kindle.


                                             Interview with Sara Ney


 Hello Sara, thanks for joining us,

 What role does reading play in your life?

 I have loved to read my entire life. I know most (if not all) writers say that, but for me - I can vividly remember spending most of my time as a youth with my nose in a book. Sitting with a book and dangling my feet in the edge of the pool but never getting in it because I was reading... Building a shoddily crafted tree fort (or accurately - wooden board in a tree with carpet nailed to it) and hiding with a book when I should have been doing my chores.... This was all "back in the day." Back when there was no such thing as a Kindle or eReader. Can you imagine?! Shelling out 4 or 5 dollars for a paperback was a big deal, so you treasured them. You didn't get rid of your books, you kept them. Anytime I would lend them to a friend, it gave me a small heart attack, because - what if they never gave me the book back?!?! Horror of horrors.... I'm pretty sure I once made my friend Vanessa "check" a book out like I was the public library (sorry Vanessa). To sum it up --- I didn't get grounded; my mom took my book away.

 Who is your favorite YA author and why?

 Ugh, this is a horrible question. There are so many fantastic YA authors out there. A few that come to mind are Elle Kennedy (the Deal) and Cindy Miles (Stupid Girl/Stupid Boy). In my opinion, they both nail the young adult perspective in a believable way. For me, I have to feel like the author "gets it" or I begin to tune out. So anyone that can tie in current slang, current events, and YA "speak" is someone I look up to as a writer - and Kennedy and Miles both NAIL it. "The Deal" a phenomenal example - The male point of view and internal thoughts are SPOT. ON. This is truly how guys talk to each other and behind closed doors. This is truly how guys think --- I can always tell when an author is "out of touch" with todays generation, and it's one of my biggest pet peeves as a reader.

 If you could escape into any book, what book would it be? 

A YA book I've read and re-read time and time again would be Stupid Girl. I reference the author (Cindy Miles) above. The book is great - and by great, I mean amazing. What draws me in every single time I crack it open is the main male lead - he has a thick Boston accent, isn't too cocky or troubled, and did I mention his Boston accent? Shoot, I did? The story is clever, the details well woven but not overdone. It's simply a wonderful book. Not everyone will agree with me, but it's one of my favorites. Another go-to for me is Kyland by Mia Sheridan, but I'll touch on that in the question below. As for other book escapes - I won't even mention titles of the others I re-read, because then we'd all be embarrassed....(I'll give you a hint because now I feel obligated to: one is called Lord of Scoundrels)

 Who is your favorite YA book hero or heroine? What makes him or her amazing?

 Hands down - Kyland. The book is called Kyland, and is by Mia Sheridan, one of my new favorites. Actually, both the characters in this book are impactful, richly developed, and believable. Despite the circumstances in this book - I believed every word of every second of it. The male hero Kyland is, well, a babe. Living in an impoverished mining town, all he wants to do is graduate, ditch town, and never look back. Nothing and NO ONE is going to keep him there... he's smart, witty, and aloof. And a babe. Our heroine, Tenleigh is just as fantastic and has the same goals. This book pulled every one of my heart strings, and I'm a tough nut to crack. These are classic characters, with your usual issues, but they're crafted so well your heart will want to burst out of your chest - in good ways, and in bad. Your heart will break for them. I love hero/heroine pairs that make good decisions - not cliché decisions - and this romantic pair nails it.

 Why do you write YA books? 

I feel connected to todays YA generation. As a sorority chapter advisor, I'm surrounded by college students on a regular basis. I'm on college campuses and interact regularly with todays young men and woman - who are always looking for "the right one," so I feel that the YA niche is very relevant for me. Call it lots of "field study" if you will... The courting rituals (if you could call them that), the failed pick-up lines, the lack of finesse.... I get it. I see it. I hear about it from my female students. And so I set out to weave Happily Ever After's in a society where young people are only reading about them. I've always wanted to write/publish a book - I just didn't know what it was going to be about and the YA genre (at least for now) is a great niche for me.

 Tell us about your book(s) and what makes it standout from other books in its genre?

 There are 2 in the series - the first is Kissing in Cars, and the second is He Kissed Me First. Without getting too detailed, they both feature what I feel are realistic characters: guys that are rude - and crude - and sometimes cringe worthy.... as many young men are today (Sorry guys, no offense). Both my heroines are witty, snarky, and don't put up with much crap-ola, which of course is where all the fun begins... I know I'm being biased, but I genuinely feel my characters are the essence of today's young people, and I truly work hard to make them real. And, since I'm such a sucker for a HEA, dark, angsty plots are not "my thing." Not. At. All. I prefer to keep my stories fun and light hearted; and I think I've managed that in both books.

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