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Day 12 of 31 books in 31 days-Joseph Delaney book giveaway & qualify to win a kindle

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                                            Author of the Day-Joseph Delaney

Joseph Delaney is the international bestseller of the Spook series, a series with over 100 5-star-reviews on amazon. This tale of a region plagued with witches, bogarts, and magic, and the young apprentice who must protect against them will keep you riveted. The book has spawned a movie which is currently out in theaters. If you haven't seen the movie, yet, run out and catch it while its still in theaters. His interview and autographed book giveaway is below. 

Featured book-5.99 Kindle

                                                 Interview with Joseph Delaney


So tell us a little bit about your relationship with reading. How often do you get to read?

I am reading all the time. As soon as I finish one book I start the next. Mostly now I read on

my iPad or Kindle but I also go into bookshops, browse and buy what takes my fancy. After

writing for a couple of hours I find it relaxing to read for a while before getting back to work.

What is the last book you read that had an impact on your life and why?

Tolkien (‘Lord of the Rings’) and Frank Herbert (‘Dune’) were important to me because their

books fed my imagination and made me want to become a writer. I read a lot now and

occasionally re-visit the ones that I enjoyed or perhaps stimulated my mind in some way. I

occasionally read my own books to keep the background fresh in my mind as I continue to

write a series. I re-read ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ recently. That book certainly had an impact

on my life; it allowed me to leave my teaching job and become a full-time writer.

What are your favorite books to read as an adult? I know when you were younger you 

liked Tolkien. Do you still enjoy him? Do you still read fantasy?

My favourite books are still from my favourite genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror,

Ghost Stories and Folk Tales. But I also read widely and sample other genres. Yes I still like

Tolkien. It must be about ten years since I last read his books. It is probably time to read them

again. That is the test of a really good book. Is it worth another read?

 If you could be any character from any book who would you be and why?

I would like to be Paul Atreides from Dune. I like the way that despite a great setback he rises

to dominate and control his environment. I would also like to be able to exercise his special

gift – that of prescience. Paul can glimpse the many futures that lay ahead of him and he is

aware of how a single decision might change everything.

What is your favorite world from literature? If you could jump into the pages of any 

book, what book would it be? Why would you choose that world to explore?

Paul Adreides also belongs to my favourite science fiction world – Dune. It is a rich complex

universe that contains such groups as the Bene Gesserit who are really witches; they

manipulate the human bloodline and seek to shape the future. It has the Guild navigators who

have mutated into beings who can pilot huge Heighliners across the vast stellar distances that

separate the known inhabited worlds. It is a classic creation by a very imaginative writer.

There are lots of possibilities and wonders to discover. It would enjoy being a part of it.

Why do you write Children’s books? What inspired you to write to that demographic?

I struggled for years attempting to publish fantasy books for adults. My agent suggested that I

try writing for children and, at first, I resisted because it seemed to me that I was abandoning

a dream and accepting failure. But I wrote ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ and very much enjoyed

writing it and the world that I had created. It didn’t seem that much different from what I had

been trying to write for adults. So now I like writing for children and young adults.  Many

older people read and enjoy the series particularly those who live in Lancashire, the county in

England where the stories are set. So I reached my adult audience after all!

 Tell us a little about your latest novel.  What makes your book different from other YA 

books in its genre?

I think my latest novel, ‘Arena 13’ is very different in most respects from other YA books in

its genre. It has been almost 25 years in development. It was a book I wrote for adults back in

1990 and the reason that my agent took me on in the first place. So it has not in any way been

influenced by what is out there in the genre now. Now I have adapted it for a younger

audience. It is partly about gladiatorial combat but it is not just humans who face each other

in the arena. Other entities play a significant part. There is violence, combat, a powerful

predatory being that terrorizes a city and a love story. Those are just some of the elements. I

have a contract for three books but I suspect there will be at least twice that number before

the story is concluded. It is published in the UK in June 2015 and should also appear in
France before the end of the year.

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