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Day 24 of 31 books in 31 days- Chloe Jacobs and kindle giveaway

Welcome to the 24th day of 31 books in 31 days, where you win prizes for reading.

Recap of Rules

Everyday that you participate in the giveaway of the day, you are eligible to win a brand new kindle.

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Today's featured author is Chloe Jacobs. She is the author of the Greta and the Goblin series. Her series about a human bounty hunter will keep you riveted. If you haven't read our featured book of the day yet, you should and enter to write a review.

Interview with Chloe Jacobs

Hello Chloe, 

Thank you for joining us.

What role does reading play in your life? How often do you read?

Hi everyone! I love to read. I learned to read really early in life and was reading way above my age level.

Like, if everyone else was reading Curious George, I was on to Nancy Drew, and when they got to Nancy

Drew, I’d moved on to Stephen King LOL

These days my reading time has been limited, but no matter how busy I get or what’s going on in my life,

I always take time to read before I turn out the light, so that those fantastic new worlds are what follow

me to sleep instead of whatever hard moments I experienced earlier in the day.

What is the last book you read that impacted your life? How did it impact you and why?

The last book I read that really made me look at life differently was The Fault in Our Stars. The message

was so pure and positive, despite the harsh reality of the story. It challenges you to be just as brave

when things get tough, to start making YOUR mark on the world as soon as you can with positivity,

friendship, and heart.

What makes a book you’ve read standout in your mind?

A really great book needs to make me feel deeply on all levels of the spectrum. That’s what will make

me remember it for a long time, and go back to it when I need to tap into those feelings again. I recently

finished the first three Throne of Glass books by Sarah J. Maas and they made me feel like that.

 They were deep and dark and magical, and full of characters whose struggle felt so real that it made

me laugh and cry and imagine myself right there with them.

If you could be any YA character, which character would you be?

That’s a really tough question, because I’ve read so many characters in hundreds (thousands) of books,

and they all have something great, from the shy ones who struggle to show the world their strength, to

the larger-than-life ones that need to reach deep inside for moments of quiet reflection.

I think if I had to choose, I still couldn’t pick just one character, but the ones who have more to lose and

more to learn always resonate the hardest with me.

In another interview you mentioned Tinderbox was your favorite obscure fairy tale. What about the 

Tinderbox did you enjoy?

LOL it’s not the most succinctly told fairy tale, but I liked it because it’s Hans Christian Andersen’s

first, and it isn’t one you hear very often. Another one I really liked (and it happened to be published

together with The Tinderbox) was The Princess and the Pea. The reason I like them is because I can

easily see what changes I would make to them and how I would twist them up if I decided to write a

version of my own.

Tell us about your latest release. What makes it different from other books in its genre?

Greta and the Glass Kingdom (and by extension, Greta and the Goblin King) are different from other

young adult books because they combine the magic of a fairy tale re-telling with the curiosity of

exploring a fantasy world, with the excitement of a true adventure tale. It’s dark without being

devastating, and it’s hopeful without being presumptuous. Maybe that’s why I love writing them so


Thank you so much for joining us.

No, thank YOU! I am honored and grateful to be a part of your day! I’d love to answer questions anyone

might have in the future so feel free to email me at any time.



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