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Day 22 of 31 books in 31 days- Caitlyn Duffy Book Giveaway & qualify to win a kindle

Welcome to the 22nd day of 31 books in 31 days, where you win prizes for reading.

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Today's featured author is Caitlyn Duffy. Caitly Duffy sets her series in the fictitious world of the Treadwell academy, a school for the super elite. Each school delves further and further in to the lives of these girls, who seemingly have it all. The Rockstar's daughter is the first in the series. With over a 1000 five star reviews, this is not the book to miss.

Featured Book 0.99$
  At the age of 15, Taylor Beauforte has only met her father twice in person. After all, he is the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, constantly on the cover of music magazines and giving interviews on MTV. He pays for Taylor to attend the Treadwell Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Massachusetts, and provides her mother with monthly checks to cover her basic needs, but has never made much of an effort to play an active part in Taylor’s life. Taylor's mom Dawn is the only family she has ever really known, and because of Dawn's hard-partying Hollywood lifestyle, studious Taylor is happiest on the other side of the country in Massachusetts with her nose buried in a book.
                                    When Taylor 's mom unexpectedly dies the summer before Taylor starts her junior year, she receives a crash course in fame. She has no choice but to join her father and his new family on their summer concert tour before she has even had a chance to mourn the loss of her mother. Life as the daughter of a rock star seems like it would be enviable, but Taylor can't figure her dad out. He seems like a supportive authority figure (even if he's kind of a fashion tragedy) , but she is collecting a growing pile of evidence that he's a liar and a cheat. Her stepmother, Jill, can’t seem to decide if she wants to treat Taylor like a girlfriend or a nuisance.
                                     Having had no time to grieve and say goodbye to her childhood before being thrust into the limelight, Taylor is suddenly finding herself in situations she could have never imagined before this summer. With no one else to turn to, Taylor falls head over heels in love with Jake, the teenage son of one of the band's touring groupies. Taylor has growing concerns about Jake's background and the suspicious relationship between his mom and her own father, but is desperate for something real in her life onto which she can build a future. When Jake offers Taylor an opportunity to join him on a whirlwind adventure and leave her problems with her father far behind, Taylor has to decide – should she carve out her own way in the world, or try to repair the relationship she has with her only living parent? Over the course of the summer with the band, Taylor learns the depths of her own strength, the difficulty of overcoming loss, and that the definition of family means much more than shared bloodlines.

                                               Interview with Caitlyn Duffy


Hello Caitlyn,


1) What role does reading play in your life?

When I was growing up, my family moved pretty frequently. Reading was a huge source of comfort for

me because it always took a while for me to make friends at new schools. Certain books, like “And You

Give Me a Pain, Elaine,” by Stella Pevsner, and “Tiger Eyes,” by Judy Blume, helped me to not feel so


2) If you could be any character in any YA book, who would you be? Why?

Good question!! I like the idea of being Olivia, Grace’s friend in “Shiver,” by Maggie Stiefvater. She’s the one who’s bitten by a werewolf and starts to turn into one. Being the beautiful, popular girl who makes everyone jealous has never really been interesting to me; I’d rather be the girl who turns into the werewolf! And of course, Katniss. Who wouldn’t want to be Katniss? Or Gemma Doyle from the “Gemma Doyle Trilogy,” by Libba Bray. Those books are awesome.

3) Do you read YA books? What is the best YA series you have read recently?

I read a lot of YA books as well as Contemporary Fiction for grown-ups.  I was slow to jump on the

Rainbow Rowell train but I read “Eleanor and Park” over Christmas break and it rocked my world. This

series might be aimed at readers a little older than YA, but the “Starstruck” series by Rachel Shukert

about starlets in classic Hollywood is pretty addicting. It’s really well-researched and steamy, kind of like

if Gossip Girl was set in the 1930’s.

4) What makes a book great in your opinion? 

Whether a book is set in a completely fictional world, or in the past, or even just in a high school I never

attended, what makes a book great and memorable to me is if there’s something in it to which I can

emotionally relate. Books that make my heart puff up or make me cry are the ones that I remember in

detail for longer periods of time.

5) What is the last book you read that had a profound impact on your life?

Neil Gaiman’s “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” made me remember exactly what it felt like to be

seven years old. As I’m getting older, it’s increasingly difficult for me to remember childhood with

clarity, but wow – that book did it. A masterpiece.

6) In another interview, you mentioned admiring Lois Lowry. What do you admire about her 

writing? How does it feel to be part of 31 books in 31 days with her? 

Lois Lowry has astonishing range as an author. It overjoys me to see such a forward-thinking, imaginative

book like “The Giver” finding a new audience today even though that was a book I cherished over twenty

years ago when I was a kid! It kind of blows my mind to be part of this 31 Books event with her. I

probably took the “Anastasia Krupnick” series of books out of the Danvers Public Library no fewer than

five thousand times between fifth and sixth grade. Two of Ms. Lowry’s older books, “Autumn Street” and

“A Summer to Die” are both books that make me choke up with emotion even when I simply think about

them. When I write, I can only hope I’m doing a halfway decent job of emulating her magical sense of

pacing. She really draws her readers into the worlds she creates, and for me it’s always wrenching to

reach the last page. No matter what your age, if you haven’t read “Autumn Street” and “A Summer to

Die,” I highly recommend both of them.

7) Tell us about the Treadwell academy Series. What inspired this series and how is it different 

from other YA books in its genre? 

I’m not so sure that the Treadwell Academy series is completely unique from other YA books! There

seem to be a lot of YA books set in worlds of boarding schools, but in those books there’s usually either

some kind of hook (the school is really a training camp for teen spies!) or every plot revolves around

gossip and evil tricks girls play on each other. My series focuses on one girl at a time and on the problems

she’s facing. In Taylor’s book, Taylor’s acclimating to a new family structure and getting to know her

new stepmother. In Betsey’s, she’s hiding a secret about sexual abuse.  Emma, the most popular girl in the

junior class, struggles with anorexia as she tries to prove to her parents that she can make it on her own as

a top model. I try not to integrate too much cattiness between my characters into the stories; I think teen

girls see vicious behavior glamorized by the media too much already. The books all overlap a little,

because I always want the timelines in the girls’ lives to seem realistic.

Other Books by Caitly Duffy

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