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Day 30- of 31 books in 31 days- Book giveaway by Claudia Gray & qualify to win a kindle

Welcome to the 28th day of 31 books in 31 days, where you win prizes for reading.

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Today's featured author is Claudia Gray. Sheis the best selling author of the Evernight series, a series with one of the largest twists I have ever read. The series is worth a read. Her newest book A thousand Pieces of You is extremely well-written. I read it in one sitting, and can't wait to see if their is a sequel.

Featured book
A darkly enchanting series from New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray about a teenage witch who battles dark forces in her small town, perfect for fans of the Beautiful Creatures and Hex Hall series. A boy cursed with visions that lead to madness. A girl granted the powers to save him. As soon as Nadia arrives in Captive's Sound, she knows something is seriously wrong. The town is shrouded in dark magic, more powerful and complex than she has ever seen. Mateo has lived in Captive's Sound his entire life, trying to dodge the local legend that his family is "cursed" with insanity. When the mysterious girl he has been dreaming of every night appears (Nadia), he fears the curse may be true. But danger is coming, and Nadia and Mateo must work together to stop this unknown force before it destroys everything in its path.


                                             Interview with Claudia Gray


Hello Claudia,
Thank you so much for participating in 31 books in 31 days. We are so happy to have you.

When you were a child, who was your favorite author? Why?

I had no one favorite author - I was, and remain, such an avid reader that I could never narrow my top picks to just one or two people! A few writers I definitely sought out & adored were Judy Blume, Madeline L'Engle, C.S. Lewis and E.B. White.

How often do you get to read? How has reading over the year affected your writing?

I read every day, at least for a few minutes. When I'm in the heart of writing, I have less time and tend to stick to nonfiction; when I've got spare time, I read everything I can get my hands on! While I rarely consciously transfer lessons from my reading to my writing, the types of stories and settings that most fascinate me have all come clear through the books I've enjoyed most. I read in another interview that you liked the book Ultraviolet ( I did too).

 What made that book stand out for you? What makes any book memorable for you?

The main thing I love about ULTRAVIOLET is the sheer originality of the premise. Science fiction turns out to mix well with the psychological thriller! And I also think RJ Anderson writes some of the most lyrical, memorable prose in YA today.

What was the last book that had an impact on your life? What was significant about it?

Hmm. Probably JONESTOWN, a book about the survivors of the infamous Jonestown massacre in the 1970s. Leigh Fondakowski - one of the creators behind "The Laramie Project" - worked with them over a long period of time to learn more about what it was like inside that cult, why people stayed, and the forces that led to the mass suicide/murder of nearly 1000 people. We tend to write these people off as mindless sheep, but this book made it clear that the reality was far more complex. I was strongly affected by the recognition of how people's best motives can lead them to do evil things.

What has been the most amazing point in your writing career?

The moment you will remember for a lifetime. Oh, gosh, I'm not sure anything tops the first sale! My agent called on what was, quite literally, the day I had given up. I left her a phone message saying EVERNIGHT was never going to sell, and we should move on to the next thing. She returned the call a few hours later to say, Guess what?

  I feel as though your writing from the Evernight series is a bit different than A Thousand Pieces of You. How has your writing evolved over the years? To what do you attribute this evolution?

Certainly it's different - for the better, I hope. Probably I'm the last person to give specifics on how my style has changed; I try not to overanalyze myself, because I think it would make me self-conscious. But I know my writing is tighter now, and I feel like I'm able to handle more complex plotting. I've also gotten more used to writing in the first person - something I definitely struggled with on EVERNIGHT and STARGAZER.

Tell us a little about your latest novel. What makes your book different from other YA books in its genre?

The Firebird lets Marguerite, Paul & Theo travel to infinite dimensions - and they go to SO many new worlds, see so many radically different lives. New countries, new technologies, new emotional ties: you name it, they deal with it. In all honesty, I'm disappointed this is only a trilogy. I wish the series could go on forever! Also, the heroine and definitely the guys are older than the YA norm. I kept waiting for someone to say, hey, you can't have a 22-year-old character in a YA novel! But nobody ever did.

  Books by Claudia Gray

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